Frame Reflection Lab
Exploring opinions on synthetic biology
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This entry comprises all the materials and a manual for ‘learning facilitators’ that are interested to facilitate a dialogue about synthetic biology among a specific group of people. It is a dialogue support tool named Frame Reflection Lab (hereafter FRL), which basically is a 1,5 hour workshop. By means of YouTube videos and four steps of playful, interactive exercises, the Frame Reflection Lab (FRL) introduces people with (very) different framings of synbio. Undergoing an FRL session supports people to discover (1) their own and other people’s views of synbio, (2) where these views come from (underlying values and assumptions) and (3) the possible relations, differences and similarities between the various views. This way people get equipped with deliberative skills that are needed for constructive science-society dialogues; now and in the future.
opinion forming

M.G. van der Meij & Frank Kupper

Target group
secondary education (students), tertiary education (students), adults, informal educators

Type of material

Materials: workshop


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