Het opleiden van taalbewuste docenten natuurkunde, scheikunde en techniek: een ontwerpgericht onderzoek
FI Scientific Library, nr. 97. Van Dijk, G. (2018).
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Science and technology (ST) are school subjects that use their own language. This aspect of ST is challenging for many students, for instance with regard to the use of concepts, tone, specific forms of reasoning and text structure. Subject teacher can help students to master this language. This study shows how they can be prepared for that in initial teacher education curricula. Educational design research was used to generate theory about characteristics of such interventions. Case studies were carried out, in which 23 student teachers (mostly career switchers) and 8 teacher educators participated during three years. The findings were formulated as a concrete design and as design principles. These design principles were anchored in data-analysis and in theories from science and technology education and applied linguistics. For the content of the curricular design a form of content based language instruction was used, that was enriched with genre pedagogy (Sidney school). The findings include characteristics of learning materials, e.g. sources for students, assignments, and an instrument PRIL (Practical Report Inventory of Language) that enables teachers to make choices for addressing specific aspects of ST language. Further research is needed in the area of second language learners, digitalization, other (national) contexts for ST teacher education and professional development.

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