Mapping numbers to space

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  • Onderzoek: Mapping numbers to space: An embodied cognition perspective on number line development in infancy and early childhood.
  • Supervisie: Kroesbergen, E.H., Volman, M.J.M., & Leseman, P.P.M.
  • 2011-2016
  • Onderzoeksprogramma: Educational Learning Sciences


The basis for learning mathematics is funded in good number sense. Current literature assumes that the basis of number sense is the ‘mental number line’, on which numerical representations are connected to spatial representations. Although infants already show numerical skills, it is unclear how number sense develops and what the origins are of the number-space mapping. The proposed study will test the hypothesis that spatial exploration plays an important role in this early development of number sense. Furthermore, it will investigate how the different elements of number sense, including the number line, develop in first years of life.


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