1. Where did you go on holiday?

This article appeared in a Dutch school paper:

‘We did a small research project in our school about the holidays. All classes made a list where the childeren went to. We interviewed 293 children. A lot of children went to France on holiday. About half went to a camping site in the Netherlands. Jorrit from our class went away the furthest, because he went to Australia.

We made an assignment about our research. If you want to read it, then you can borrow it."

Fieke, Jos and Gilbert grade 5.’

Assignment a (on paper)

In a newspaper there will often be a pie chart or a bar graph. This is often more clear than words.

\ Draw on paper the pie chart for research of Fieke, Jos and Gilbert.

Hints and tips;

  • If you can't draw it exactly, estimate
  • Use different colors, for every country a different color.
  • Write next to the chart what country is what color.

Assignment b (computer)

Fieke, Jos and Gilbert used these numbers for their paper:

143 children stayed in the Netherland
104 children went to France
30 children went to Marocco
19 children went to Turkey
3 children went to Denmark
1 child went to Australia

Put the numbers in the computer program below and let it draw a pie chart


Compare the computer drawing with the pie chart you made yourselves.

What does the sequence mean above the pie chart in the computer program?