2. Where did the children of our school go to on holiday?

To what countries (or states) did the children of our school go on holiday to?
You can make up your own numbers (and holiday destinations) at assignment a and b.

Assignment a (on paper)

Choose the countries and numbers for the children of the entire school. Make a pie chart for those numbers.

Hints and Tips:

  • If you can't draw an exact chart, estimate!
  • Use different colors, for every country a different color.
  • Write next to the chart what country is what color.

assignment b (computer)

Make the pie chart on the computer with the data you made up


Compare the computer drawing with the pie chart you made yourselves.

Ask students in your own class where they went on holiday? Everyone in your class can name one country or state, for example the country furthest away.
Make a pie chart on the computer for all answers.

It's also possible to do the research for the whole school.