5. Do you have a bike?

Dutch people have about 16 million bikes. There are as many bikes as there are people. But not everyone has a bike, there are some people who have more than one. In Belgium there are not as many bikes. In Belgium live 10 million people and they have about 5 million bikes.

Imagine if you would ask 12 year olds if they have their own bike. Children in the city of Rotterdam would give a different answer than the children in Amsterdam or the children outside the cities. Answers from Amsterdam would be different from Brussels, Londen or New York City. The questions are about a research like this.
(Unfortunately a research like this has never been done, so we made up the numbers)

Assignment a

To 12 year olds was asked, do you have a bicycle of your own? These were the answers

Groningen (Netherlands): 183 yes, 17 no
Rotterdam (Netherlands): 216 yes, 83 no
Amsterdam (Netherlands): 142 yes, 9 no
Brussels (Belgium): 139 yes, 204 no
Antwerpen (Belgium): 36 yes, 17 no
Leuven (Belgium): 17 yes, 135 no

Write a piece for a childrens magazine about this research.

  • What are the differences between the countries?. Find out with the program below.
  • What do you think about it yourselves. (If you have a map of Belgium and The Netherlands, look where the cities are).