Fraction Times

How does it work?

Fraction Times is a program for drawing pie charts and sequences.

Fill out on the dots at the top what group the chart is about. If you have data about boys and data about girls, make two charts.

Next to the colored squares fill in your data. For example, girls were asked what their favorite animal is. If 8 girls have chosen a cat for their favorite animal, then put 'cat' and '8' behind the red square.
Behind the yellow square there could be 'dog' and '7' for example.

You can also make the list longer by clicking on the lower empty square.

You can also delete a row with the delete button.

You can shift the rows. If you want the row with the yellow square to be on top, just drag it there.

With fraction buttons you can devide the circle into equal parts. For example, you can examine what fraction matches the red part.

By dragging the lines you can move them around in the circle.