Throwing darts

Barny is a game of darts; perhaps you've played darts yourself.
In 1998 Raymond van Barneveld was the first Dutch worldchampion in the game of darts, which made the game very popular.

We have tried to make it into a computer game. Try it if you like; below we have explained the basic rules for you.

How to play darts?

This game is best played in pairs.
Start with filling out your name.

Both players start with 501 points.
The object is to get to 0 as fast as you can.
BUT: the final throw has to be a double or bullseye[doublebull].

Player 1 can start by 'aiming and throwing' at the dartboard.
The computer will tell you what you have thrown.
Subtract this number from what you have left and enter the answer.

Watch it: you will lose these points if the answer is wrong!

Now it's the turn of player 2...

The game:

When the cursor looks like this,
you can aim and throw your dart
by aiming and clicking your mouse.

Possible throws:

- no score; the outer (black) ring and outside the board
- 1 to 20 (single); the black and white checkered areas
- double your score (double); the outer red and green checkered ring
- triple your score (tripple); the inner red and green checkered ring
- 25 points (bull); the green ring in the middle of the board
- 50 points (bullseye); the red circle in the middle of the board

Start the game