Estimation is the art of thinking of strategies to come up with an answer to a simple arithmetical problem in a short time. You don't have to do an exact calculation and come up with the exact answer, but an answer that is fairly close to it will do. In Estimate! an answer is OK if it is at most 5-10% off the real exact answer. The way people come up with estimation strategies is quite personal and in many cases everybody has another strategy. The simulation which you can play here does not have the intention to provide you with those strategies, but tries to motivate you to come up with strategies yourself.
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The Game

Estimate the answer to a problem. You can earn more points by estimating fast, and by getting your estimation in the green area. Check the high score button to find out who is best of the world!

Overall scores

The twenty highest scores of Estimate! are being logged.
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Estimate! is designed by Michiel Doorman, and created in Java by Bert Ertman.
The high score server communication part was done by Wim van Velthoven (